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Vision Datum

360°Inner Surface Lenses 360 Series LENSES

360°Inner Surface Lenses 360 Series LENSES

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Model  VT-360LEN-IN01
Image format 1/3"
Image Circle Φ3.6
Field of view 62°
Wavelength Range 420-1150 nm
Mount C-Mount

Model  VT-360LEN-IN02
Sensor Size 2/3"
Image Circle Φ6.6
Wavelength Range 450-650 nm
Working Distance 2.7-70 mm
Mount C-Mount


Accessories are optional, see below for details

Lead Time

2-3 weeks


1 Year

Care Instructions

Clean the front and rear lenses of the objective with dry air.
If a lens gets dirty, clean it by blowing dry air on it or use a very soft, non abrasive dry cloth. Softly wipe the lens from its center to the borders.

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Filtering corrects the spectral properties of the light source, which can block or selectively allow some wavelengths of light to pass through, and can highlight or suppress the color characteristics of specific objects.

• A variety of categories and bands are available, suitable for a wide range of scenarios
• Spectrally flat, negligible color deviation
• Dust-proof design to better protect the lens


Polarizing Lens

The polarizer can filter the interference caused by the reflection of the workpiece, so that the incident lens is light in a certain direction, so that the light can enter the visual image of the eye on the light transmission axis of the right track, so that the field
of vision is clear and natural.

• Various lens mount can be customized;
• The surface is not easy to be scratched and wear-resistant;
• Suppresses reflections

  • Extension Ring

    • Little change in lens perspective
    • Various lens specifications are available
    • A variety of focusing lengths are available, and the length can be customized

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