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Vision Datum

Kepler Pro machine vision systems engineering software

Kepler Pro machine vision systems engineering software

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Kepler Pro Machine vision software Kepler Pro as professional machine vision software, is independently developed by Vision Datum. No Programming And Algorithm Module Support Visual Editing.which can meet machine vision applications such as vision positioning, size measurement, defect detection, and information recognition. Tools Measuring and Positioning Tools: Quickly and accurately find the positions of circles, lines, spots, edges, and vertices.
Defect Detection Tools: Reliable comparison tool for standard parts, locate small differences in workpieces.
Identification Tools: The OCR algorithm based on deep learning can adapt to the recognition of complex background, low contrast, deformation and other characters.
Deep Learning Tools: Deep learning algorithm provides algorithm modules such as Precision Positioning,Object Detection,OCR,Image Retrieval,which can efficiently complete the application of deep learning module.
Model Recognition Location Measure-ment Image Processing Defect Detection Calibration Counterpoint Deep Learning
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