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IMX267 9MP 13FPS 3.45μm 1" Global Shutter Camera

IMX267 9MP 13FPS 3.45μm 1" Global Shutter Camera

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9 mega pixels area scan camera

Industrial cameras with resolutions from 300,000 pixels to 150,000,000 pixels, high-quality sensors,long transmission distance, black and white, or color can be selected according to your requirements, all equipped with progressive scan and global exposure technology.

Product Description:

Built with Sony IMX267 sensor, each camera has passed strict stability, consistency, and robustness tests to ensure a more stable long-term uninterrupted working state. With a wide range of data transmission interfaces and resolution options, you can easily find what you need. Applied products

Camera Parameters:

Model:LEO 4096S-13GM/UC
Shutter:Global Shutter
Sensor Size: 1"
Sensor Type:CMOS
Resolution:4096 px x 2160 px
Pixel size:3.45 μm x 3.45 μm
Frame Rate:13 fps
Mono/Color:Color and Mono
Driver , SDK:LEO Series Camera Secondary Development Kit(iDatum)or Third-party Software meeting with USB3 Vision Protocol
Operating System:Windows,Linux
Conformity:GigE Vision and GenICam

Package List:

1 x Industrial Camera (No Include Lens)
1 x I/O Cable
1 x standard Date Cable(Optional inquire length.)

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