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1.3MP 50FPS 4.7mm Handheld Barcode 2D Code Reader

1.3MP 50FPS 4.7mm Handheld Barcode 2D Code Reader

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Handheld Barcode 2D Code Reader is a code reader with a self-contained LED indicator and buzzer, which can detect barcode and two-dimensional code and has a competitive price in the market.

You will be interested in this model when your needs meet the following conditions:

-Easy to use
-Automatic red and white two-color fill light
-Support multiple communication protocols
-No complex deployment is required
-External trigger code scanning and code reading result status output through I/O cable


Resolution:1280 × 1024
Frame Rate:50FPS
Minimum precision:S:4 mil/N:3 mil(S stands for standard focus,N stands for close focus)
Data interface:Fast Ethernet,RS-232,DC terminal
Maximum power consumption:1.8 W@12 VDC
Focal Length:4.7mm
Whether the product is wired:wired