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5MP 105HZ CMOS Coaxpress Color NIR Camera

5MP 105HZ CMOS Coaxpress Color NIR Camera

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Product Description

This near-infrared color camera is a cost-effective product. Customizing the ROI and reducing the resolution can increase the frame rate, making image processing more efficient; it can output image data in multiple formats such as RAW8 and RAW12 to meet different image processing need.

Product Parameters

Frame Rate:105HZ
Style:BOX Camera
Application:plastic analysis, eye tracking, food sorting
Model Number:GAL-5000-105xcNIR
Optical Size:2/3"
Pixel Pize:3.4 μm × 3.4 μm
Lens Interface:Standard C-Mount
Dimension (L x W x H):38 x 38 x 55 mm(<200g)

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