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10000fps 10GigE iSpeedy High Speed Camera for Vision Inspection

10000fps 10GigE iSpeedy High Speed Camera for Vision Inspection

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Product Description

2MP 10000fps 10GigE iSpeedy high-speed camera, this is the ultimate high-speed camera for capturing fast-moving objects. The data interface is 10GigE and is compatible with GigE. The camera can capture images at an amazing full frame rate of 10,000 frames per second, allowing You can capture the most intricate details in a single shot. And advanced image processing technology ensures you get the best image quality with minimal noise. This camera is perfect for capturing high-speed events and is sure to take your photography to the next level.

Product Parameters

Full Resolution:2048×1024
Full Frame Rate:1000fps
Maximum Frame Rate:10000fps
Minimum Exposure Time:1us
Pixel Size:9um
Shutter Mode:Global shutter
Dynamic Range:60dB
Bit Resolution:8bit / 10bit / 12bit
Data Interface:10 GigE, Adaptive GigE
Standard RAM:40G, 80G, 160G , 320G​(Optional)
Extended Memory:4T, 12T, 24T (Optional)

Product List

1*Ultra High Speed camera
1*camera(EFL optional)
1*AC adapter
1*Network Cable
1*E to F Adapter Ring (optional)

Customer Reviews

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Chase Melanie
Good experience

Like most buyer, I felt that the price was expensive. When I tried to communicate with them, they recommended me another small 815 fps camera and high-speed storage software to meet my recording process.Actual effect is great!