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Vision Datum

GWR series Wholesale Price High Density 24V Diffuse Ring Light Illumination For Container Defect Detection

GWR series Wholesale Price High Density 24V Diffuse Ring Light Illumination For Container Defect Detection

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To be mounted in front of the LED lighting.
Used to soften the lighting output, so as to reduce the
glares on specular surface.

◆ The light sources that can be added with a diffuser plate include Bar light, ring light, and four-sided adjustable Square Bar light.

◆ The diffuser version can be matched according to the shape and size of the light source.



Polarizer for Vision Datum Standard Bar Light / Ring Light with a high transmission and polarization.

Used to create a relatively non-directional light.
Polarizer are used in particular when disturbing reflections on e.g.liquid, glass or smooth reflective plastic surfaces as well as shiny metallic materials are to be avoided.

The polarizing plate can be configured to various ring light, Bar light, and area light source, and used in conjunction with the polarizer on the lens to eliminate the surface reflection of light.


Light source extension cable

The light source extension cable is used to connect the light source and the controller.

Various lengths and other specifications of wire can be customized according to customer requirements.

• The interface can be divided into standard Pin plug connector universal extension cable and line-light aviation plug extension cable.


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