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4k Pixel 28000fps GigE Line Scan Camera Vehicle Bottom Inspection System

4k Pixel 28000fps GigE Line Scan Camera Vehicle Bottom Inspection System

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Vehicle Bottom Inspection System Brief

Peace and development are the themes of new century, new technology inspecting device is one powerful way to fulfill it. VisionDatum Vehicle Bottom Inspection System is one set of information management system that integrated with automatic acquisition, display, storage and comparison of vehicle bottom images. Through accurate real-time scanning of vehicle bottom, the full-frame image of the vehicle bottom is synchronously displayed on the screen, and the images are classified and stored according to user demands. The system can effectively prevent the vehicle-bottom hiding bombs, weapons, biological and chemical hazardous articles and dangerous person enter into important places, and also prevent hiding drugs,illegal contraband even illegal immigrants passing through checkpoint. With this system the efficiency and accuracy of security check will be improved as well as reducing the investment of labor and resource.


• Resolution: ≤2048 *16800 ( available to reach by software editing and stitching).

• Match high-speed motion and non-uniformotion, no motion blur.

• FOV up to 180°, optimize the distortion.

• Compatible to GigE Vision protocol,easy access to third-party software platform or development suites.

Major Applications

•Public Security, Polic,Traffic and Customs Checkpoint.

•Government buildings,the garrison,airports,consulate and other counter-terrorism sites.

•Key inspection sites such as prison, oil depot, bank and important material warehouse.

•Temporary inspection for conference and important activities.

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