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1/1.8'' 5MP Fixed Focal Industrial Lens

1/1.8'' 5MP Fixed Focal Industrial Lens

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Products Description

These C-Mount Fixed Lenses are specifically designed for sensors with 2-3 megapixels, ensuring sharp and detailed image capture.The lockable focus and iris screws play a crucial role in maintaining stability. Even during vibrations or shocks, your focus and aperture settings remain secure, allowing for consistent image quality.With a compact design, these lenses won’t add unnecessary bulk to your setup. Whether you’re using them for industrial applications, surveillance, or scientific imaging, their streamlined form ensures convenience.Minimal TV Distortion: The TV distortion is impressively low, measuring less than 1%. This means your images will be true to life, without any noticeable distortion.

Product Parameters

Image Size:1/1.8''
Focal Length:4-75mm
Temperature Range:-10~+50°C
Storage Temperature Range:-20~+60°C