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F-Mount Special Optical Lens Telecentric Lenses for Gauging Applications

F-Mount Special Optical Lens Telecentric Lenses for Gauging Applications

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The F-Mount design makes these lenses compatible with a variety of camera mounts for easy installation and use. Its special lens design and careful manufacturing process enable clear and accurate images to be obtained in various metrology applications.

This telecentric lens provides high-precision image positioning and stable measurement results, enabling precise measurements at both short and long distances. This design also ensures measurement accuracy in complex environments, such as real-time dimensional inspection and quality control on production lines.

Our BTL series of lenses are ideal for metrology applications. Whether used for product dimensional inspection, surface defect detection, or precise geometry measurement, they deliver stable and precise results with their superior performance.

Main features

F-Mount interface, suitable for various camera interfaces
Special optical design provides clear and accurate images
High-precision manufacturing process ensures long-term stability and reliability
High-precision image positioning and stable measurement results

Application areas

Product size inspection
Surface defect detection
Precise geometry measurements
Other metrology applications requiring clear, accurate images