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High-precision Body Temperature Measurement Project

System Elements:
In general, high-precision human body temperature measurement system consists of measurement units and terminal units. Measurement unit binocular thermal imaging camera and black body. The terminal units include display and other units.
Note: the terminal units are not included, we only supply thermal imaging units and black body.
1.Safely Measurement: the measuring distance is 2~3m, distance measuring, keep staff in safe.
2.High Precision: using black body , the accuracy error is ±0.3℃ in ranges of 30℃~ 45℃).
3.High Effenciency: Fast measuring and come out in seconds; measuring multi-target simultaneously.
4.Real-time Measurement: Real-time remote measuring target's temperature automatically.
5.Excellent Effective: High quality, reasonable price, small size and easy installation.
Product Specifications
Model Name
Binocular Infrared Thermometer
Prober Resolution
Measurement Distance
1.5 -3 m ,1.5 -2 m(Optimum Distance)
Measuring Range
Measuring Accuracy
(With black body)
Model Name
High Accuracy Black Body
Effective Radiation Area
72mm x 72mm
Temperature Resolution:
Temperature Resolution
Measuring Accuracy
±0.2℃℃(QC test, measured when the ambient temperature is 23 5 ℃℃)
Cases Exhibition
Case 1: Government Service Centre.
Case 2: Railway Station Entrance.
Case 3: Metro Transfer Hub.