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IMX249 2.3MP CMOS Global Shutter Camera

IMX249 2.3MP CMOS Global Shutter Camera

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2.3 Mega Pixels area scan camera

Industrial cameras with resolutions from 300,000 pixels to 150,000,000 pixels, high-quality sensors,long transmission distance, black and white, or color can be selected according to your requirements, all equipped with progressive scan and global exposure technology.

Product Description:

This camera, Paired with a Sony IMX249 sensor, is a high-performance 2.3 million pixel CMOS global shutter camera designed for use in a wide range of machine vision applications. With support for GenlCam and GigE Vision standards, it seamlessly integrates into a range of machine vision systems. The IMX249 sensor also supports HALCON, Vision Pro, and Labview programming interfaces, enabling users to customize their machine vision solutions to suit specific needs. The IMX249 sensor runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems, providing maximum flexibility for users. With its high-speed performance, robust design, and exceptional image quality, the IMX249 sensor is an excellent choice for a wide range of machine vision applications.

Camera Parameters:

Shutter:Global Shutter
Sensor Size:1/2"
Sensor Type:CMOS
Resolution:1920 px x 1200 px
Pixel size:5.86 μm x 5.86 μm
Frame Rate:40 fps
Mono/Color:Color and Mono
Camera Lens Mount:C-mount(CS-Mount can be customized)
Operating System:Windows,Linux

Package List:

1 x Industrial Camera (No Include Lens)
1 x I/O Cable
1 x standard Date Cable(Optional inquire length.)

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