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5MP Large Format F/T Mount Lenses

5MP Large Format F/T Mount Lenses

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Product Description

Optimize imaging performance with these high-resolution 5MP large format F/T mount lenses. Designed for line scan and area scan cameras up to 5 megapixels, they deliver exceptional image quality across the entire large sensor area.

Constructed with high-precision optics and robust metal mounts, these lenses provide superior geometric distortion control and thermal stability for demanding machine vision applications. Available in a range of focal lengths from 24mm to 50mm.

The integrated iris and focus controls enable easy adjustment for optimal resolution, depth of field and working distances. Unlock the full potential of your 5MP camera with these premium large format lenses engineered for industrial reliability and optical excellence.

Product Feature

1)Wide wavelength from 400~950nm
2)Full-frame design covering φ43mm
3)Support 4K line scan cameras
4)Low cost

Product Parameters

Format (mm):43
Mount:F-Mount/M42 Mount
Weight (g):220

Product List

1*5MP Lenses