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30 days Trial Free High-speed Image Data Real-time Camera system Storage Software For Video Recording

30 days Trial Free High-speed Image Data Real-time Camera system Storage Software For Video Recording

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High Speed Storage Master

Never worry about data loss in High Speed Video Recording

Vision Datum HS Storage Master High-speed Image Data Real-time Storage Software, using professional memory management technology to achieve real-time high-speed image data lossless real-time storage.
High-speed storage software is a complex machine vision software specially designed for high-speed image acquisition. It adopts multi-threaded and highly synchronized memory management technology. It can store the massive data collected by high-speed cameras in real-time and non-destructive storage disk arrays and other media. According to actual application needs, it can be exported as images or video files in multiple formats. When users use computer hardware with sufficient performance, they can record video
data streams and original image data without losing frames at the maximum frequency of the camera, ensuring that massive data is not lost during storage.

Main Features

■ Support multiple camera connections;
■ Support RS232/USB external hardware trigger acquisition process;
■ Real-time recording of digital video to PC memory or hard disk;
■ Collect uncompressed lossless images and save them directly to the hard disk array;
■ Support various high-resolution and high-speed digital cameras to acquire images;
■ Support manual and automatic trigger acquisition process, and can set and save pre-trigger/post-trigger data;
■ Available to use Windows-based compression coding method to compress the captured image, and support to export to BMP, JPEG, PNG files, and compressed or lossless AVI video files;
■ Support video, preview, playback, pause, fast forward, fast reverse and other control buttons to easily complete the retrieval and browse positioning of the recorded image sequence, and accurately save the recording time corresponding to each frame of image.

■ Particle image velocimetry and fluid force
■ Military application
■ Life Science Research
■ Aerospace
■ Medical imaging research
■ Process monitoring

Ordering Model

■ IS VT-HSS3000-Pro(Recommended): Hard Disk Mode+Memory Cyclical Mode.

Hard Disk Mode:the image data is written to the hard disk in real time, and the storage is stopped when the designated disk space is full.

Memory Cyclical Mode:Continuously write to the opened memory space according to the camera frame rate, and collect the data in a loop. When receiving the command to stop the collection, the last set of loop data is stored to the hard disk.