About Us

As China top leading professional machine vision products manufacturers and suppliers, Vision Datum have been specializing in developing and manufacturing machine vision devices, machine and electrical integrated automation equipment system solutions, various scientific and industrial machine vision products. The industrial cameras, machine vision illumination and industrial lens developed and manufactured by Vision Datum have been widely used in many fields of machine vision applications, and have won recognition and praise from customers in the fields of industrial inspection, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, medical imaging and scientific imaging.

All Vision Datum products comply with international quality standards and we have more than 20 years industry experience in the fields of machine vision image acquisition and processing, optical imaging and automation.

Vision Datum engineers have in-depth understanding and experience in the field of machine vision application. Vision Datum provides free consultation for imaging solutions. With professional software and hardware R & D team, Vision Datum ensure sufficient technology and capacity guarantee.

Vision Datum will innovate constantly and shall make more brilliant achievements together with our customers in the era of Industry 4.0.