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C-Mount Color Global Shutter Smart Camera With Deep Learning

C-Mount Color Global Shutter Smart Camera With Deep Learning

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Focal length

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■ Built-in high-precision positioning, measurement, calibration, logic, defect detection,OCR and code reading algorithms
■ Output results via RS-232 and Ethernet, and cooperate with other processes via I/O
■ Optional multi-color light source
■ Supports mechanical autofocus, multi-focal length lens optional

ST Cameras:
Visual Tools:
Count: Pattern count, spot count, edge count
Existence: Pattern existence, spot existence, circle existence, line existence
Measurement: Brightness analysis, contrast measurement, diameter measurement, width measurement, line angle, point to line measurement, color size(Color Only)
Recognition: Color recognition(Color Only), color contrast(Color Only), OCR
Location: Match location, match calibration
Logic tool: If module, condition judge, logic judge, character, comparison, calculator
Defect detection: Exception detection

Product Specifications

Pixel Size [μm2]
2.4 × 2.4
Mono/ Color
Lens Mount
Focal Length [mm]
Light Source1
Note 1: It is equipped with 14 white LEDs by default, and 48 high-brightness LEDs are optional; the near-infrared light source is only
suitable for Mono cameras.
Note 2: Without light source and without lens.
Equipped with transparent lens cover by default, polarization or infrared filter lens cap is optional.(Note 2 models are only equipped with a
transparent cover)
Brightness Analysis, Contrast Measurement,OCR, Color Contrast(Color Only),Match Location, Match Calibration,Exception Detection,DL Classification, DL Object Detection,etc.