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1" C-Mount Optical Lens High Precision Bi-Telecentric Lenses

1" C-Mount Optical Lens High Precision Bi-Telecentric Lenses

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Product Description

With their advanced bi-telecentric design, these lenses ensure that the object being imaged is captured with minimal distortion and high resolution. This makes them ideal for applications that require precise measurements and inspections, such as machine vision systems, metrology, and quality control.

The C-Mount optical lens technology used in these lenses allows for easy integration with a wide range of cameras and imaging systems. This versatility makes them suitable for use in various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and medical.

Our high precision bi-telecentric lenses offer a wide range of focal lengths and magnification options, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your specific application. They are also equipped with adjustable iris and focus controls, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune the image quality according to your requirements.

In addition to their exceptional optical performance, these lenses are built to withstand demanding industrial environments. They feature a rugged construction and are designed to be resistant to vibrations and shocks, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

our high precision bi-telecentric lenses with C-Mount optical lens technology and experience unparalleled accuracy and precision in your imaging applications. Trust in our expertise and quality to enhance your machine vision systems, metrology processes, and quality control inspections.