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F11 M58 F-Mount Bi-telecentric Lenses Excellent Resolution

F11 M58 F-Mount Bi-telecentric Lenses Excellent Resolution

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Designed specifically for high-precision machine vision applications, this lens delivers clear, accurate images for a variety of your applications with its superior resolution and precise measurement capabilities. Easy to install and use. Its high-precision manufacturing process and special materials ensure long-term stability and reliability.

It provides a wide field of view and excellent image positioning accuracy, allowing you to capture clear and detailed images whether at close or long distances. This design also ensures that instantaneous dynamic images can be accurately captured in high-speed production lines and precision inspection applications.

Whether used for product quality inspection, object recognition and tracking, or microscopic imaging in medical equipment, they deliver clear, accurate images with their superior performance.

Main features:
F-Mount, compatible with various camera interfaces
High-precision manufacturing process ensures long-term stability and reliability
Wide field of view and excellent image positioning accuracy
Special materials and fine processing technology ensure long-term stability and reliability

Application areas:
High-precision machine vision quality inspection
Object recognition and tracking on high-speed production lines
Microscopic Imaging in Medical Devices
Other high-precision machine vision applications that require clear, accurate images