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Vision Datum

LEO 12MS-68tgm/tgc High speed 10gige 68fps 12mp IMX253 Large Area Camera

LEO 12MS-68tgm/tgc High speed 10gige 68fps 12mp IMX253 Large Area Camera

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Model LEO 12MS-68tgm/tgc
Resolution 4096 × 3000
Frame Rate 65fps
Sensor Size 1.1"
Sensor IMX 253
Sensor Technology Global CMOS

Model Resolution Sensor Size Pixel Size [μm] Frame Rate [fps] Mono/Color
LEO 12MS-68Tgm 4096 × 3000 1.1” 3.45 × 3.45 68 Mono
LEO 25MP-40Tgm/Tgc 5120 × 5120 23 mm × 23 mm 4.5 × 4.5 40 Mono/Color



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GigE Cable

Vision Datum’s high-quality GigE-compliant cables offer a robust interface for reliable high-speed data transmission.
Camera-end locking screws ensure a secure interface despite the shocks and vibrations common to industrial
environments. Available in 3, 5 and 10 meter lengths, these cables are a cost-effective solution for your machine vision

• GigE standard compliant
• Simple integration into image processing applications
• Camera-end locking screws
• 3, 5 and 10 m lengths available
• Low-cost GigE cable


USB 3.0 Cables

Ideal for standard imaging applications, Vision Datum offers a selection of USB 3.0 cables. These robust cables feature
camera-end locking screws to ensure application stability in industrial environments where shock and vibration are an

• USB3.0 standard compliant
• Simple integration into all image processing applications
• Camera-end locking screws
• Plug and play functionality
• 3, 5 and 10 m lengths available
• Low-cost USB cable


CameraLink Cable

Purpose: Cameralink cable can realize high-speed image data transmission between Cmaeralink interface camera and
frame grabber, supporting the use of special industrial environment.

• High transmission rate, plug and play function
• Connector molds are linear and right-angled
• There are standard lengths of 3m and 5m to choose from, and size customization is also accepted
• There are static standard type and high flexibility and bending resistance / high sliding type cables to choose from


I/O Cables

VT-Hirose cables can be used to power and control the I/O on cameras.

This cable uses a Hirose 6-pin connector on the camera side. The other end is open and the length can be customized, allowing the wire to be shortened to match individual requirements.


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