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9MP GMAX2509 120fps CoaXPress Area Scan Camera

9MP GMAX2509 120fps CoaXPress Area Scan Camera

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This CoaXPress area scan camera uses a high-performance GMAX2509 CMOS sensor, which provides an excellent resolution of 9 megapixels and a fast imaging speed of up to 120 frames/second. It plays an important role in machine vision, automated inspection and other fields.

Camera Parameters

Sensor Vendor:GPixel
Sensor: GMAX2509
Shutter:Global Shutter
Sensor Size:2/3"
Sensor Type:CMOS
Resolution:4192 px x 2160 px
Pixel size:2.5 μm × 2.5 μm
Frame Rate:120 fps
Working Temperature: -30 - 50°C(Operating),-30 - 80°C(Storage)

Package List

1 x Camera (No Include Lens)
1 x Cable